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Argument Is Bad,Discussion Is Good

submitted by :anjali |On November 23, 2013

Argument Is Bad,
But, Discussion Is Good,
B’coz Argument Is To Find Out WHO Is Right,
And Discussion Is To Find Out WHAT Is Right.

malayalam anniversary sms

submitted by :admin |On September 9, 2013

Love is not blind.
It sees more and not less,
but because it sees more it is willing to see less.
Happy Anniversary!

Marriage anniversary sms

submitted by :admin |On September 9, 2013

Another year to create
precious memories together.
Another year to discover
new things to enjoy about each other.
Another year to strengthen
a marriage that defines forever.

happy anniversary sms

submitted by :afsal |On May 1, 2012

On this special day,
Best wishes go to you,
That this wonderful love u share, lasts your lifetime through.
Happy anniversary to you my Love.

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