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worst days of a student’s life

submitted by : |29/01/2012

The worst days of a student’s life are
Preparation holidays!
Where u can neither Prepare the subject nor Enjoy the holidays.

Break My Heart

submitted by : |11/06/2011

Even if i already know you were gonna Break My Heart,
I still wouldn’t Change the Fact that i Fell in Love with “you”

Government imposing new taxes

submitted by : |28/04/2011

Government imposing new taxes. Dating Rs.10, Hug Rs.20, Kiss Rs.30, Love Rs.50. But you don’t worry, flirting is still free.

I want U

submitted by : |28/04/2011

I want U
To be with me In a nice Restaurent
To have candle light dinner &
to say those sweet three words to U
“Pay The Bill”

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