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don’t eat dairy milk chocolate

(W_A_R_N_I_N_G) Dear friend, don’t eat dairy milk chocolate and amul ice cream products…. Without me..!! read more

searching Jobs

Santa Mentioned 3Yrs Experience In His Resume Interviewer: Can u tell me in which field u’ve worked for 3yrs? Santa: In searching JOBS!! read more

Sachin makes 100, india loses the match

almost true: “Whenever Sachin makes 100, india loses the match, but Whenever Kohli makes 100, india is out of the tournament” read more

funny sms mesages

Thousand words of a teacher does not hurt … But the silence of a friend in the examination hall brings tears to eyes. read more

What is loksabha ?

When one speaks,everyone listen is called “Shoksabha” & when everyone speaks,but no one listen is called… . . . . . . “Loksabha” read more