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Malayalam text messages – Includes love messages, Good night and Good morning greetings, Malayalam Christmas Eid Onam festival sms wishes and greetings.

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Tie this band on your hand – best friendship day quote

submitted by :afsal |On 07/08/2016

‬💞 Tie💞
💞Be 💞


happy friendship day wishes

submitted by :afsal |On 07/08/2016


Malayalam friendship day messages

submitted by :afsal |On 07/08/2016

Flower remembers bees,
Fish remembers water,
Tree remembers the rain,
At this moment I remember you!
To say happy friendship day to U!
հɑԹԹվ ƒɾíҽղժՏհíp ժɑվ ʍվ ժҽɑɾ ƒɾíҽղժՏ 🙂

Malayalam advance eid mubarak sms

submitted by :afsal |On 04/07/2016

Adukkalayil Paniyedukkunna “UMMAMARKKUM”

Mailanji Tubinayi adipidi koottunna “PENGANMARKKUM”

Jeans Pant Skin tight aakkan ..
Tailor kadayil Q nikkunna “MONJANMARKKUM”

Ente Advance “EID MUBHARAK”

viraham Malayalam message

submitted by :afsal |On 26/06/2016

Nee… enna otta aksharathil thudangiya

Nee… enna otta aksharathil Othungiya

Nee… enna otta aksharathil avasanikkunna
‘നീ’ എന്ന ഒറ്റക്ഷരത്തിൽ തുടങ്ങിയ ‘പ്രണയം’
‘നീ’ എന്ന ഒറ്റക്ഷരത്തിൽ ഒതുങ്ങുന്ന ‘ജീവിതം’
‘നീ’ എന്ന ഒറ്റക്ഷരത്തിൽ അവസാനിക്കുന്ന ‘മരണം