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ormakal thaliritta chillayil,
Orayiram ormakal sammanicha priya suhruthinu shubhadinashamsakal!

Pratheekshayum prathyashayum Niranja ee lokathu
Daivam namukku oru ponpulari koodi thurannirikkunnu!
Nanmayode shubhadinam suhruthe!!!

Kozhinju poya ilakaleyum,
Adarnnu veena pookkaleyum,
Orthu parithapikkathe,
Varaanirikkunna thalirineyum,
Vidaranulla mottineyum orthu Aahladikkuka!
shubhadinam !!!

kilikonjalinte naadhavum…
Udaya sooryante Ponkiranangalum…
Bhoomiye thazhukunna Ee Prabhathathil…
Ente Suhruthinu Nerunnu……
!~ ShubhadinaM ~!


Distance never separate any Relation;
Time never build any Relation;
If feelings are true from Heart;
Then friends are always friends 4 ever.

Have a wonderful Day!

New year blessings quotes

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. -: (Helen Keller)

May Lord God bless you with abundant serenity, joy, happiness and tranquillity! Blasting New Year Wishes!

I want you to know that I am sorry;
It was all me to blame.
I love you and I will be true to you forever.
Please forgive me dear.

I truly, am a stupid;
Seriously I forget your Birthday.

I am sorry I really didn’t mean,
To miss your birthday
but I was just hard busy can’t
Remember your birthday.

Fight and Love Is a part of life;
My love when you was in angry mood,
U look More pretty.
I love My dear and I am SORRY
For my Bad behavior.

I am unable to come to work due to illness. Thus, I will be on sick leave. I regret for any inconvenience created at workplace due to my absence.

I am not feeling well and thus would not be able to attend work for the next two days. I will be on sick leave.

I am suffering from stomach infection and the pain is unbearable. It is difficult for me to work,Thus, I will be on sick leave.

Leave message for Teachers & Students
Dear Sir, I wish to inform that I would not be able to attend the classes for tomorrow as I am having viral fever. I thus request you to please grant me sick leave.